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Random sample of topics.. you get the flavor:





  • Dan Silivestru - jsUnityRunner

    We've created a JavaScript test runner for testing asynchronous JavaScript tests. It is based on the jsUnity testing framework. We have an open gitHub repository for it and that repo includes sample test code. Our framework allows you to group your tests into test suites and it also allows for the use of just one html file to contain your DOM elements. You can load those elements dynamically when you need them. We welcome feedback from the community and any and all contributions are welcome :-)

    The repo can be found here: http://github.com/tinyhippos/jsUnityRunner

  • Chris Liscio - A peek into the future of Capo and OpenCL performance 


  • Stephen Weber - Reverse Polish Notation for Ruby


  • Ben Morris - HexBug

    Javascript + App Engine + XMPP + Arduino = Awesome HexBug


  • Joey Robert - Fiasco Chess Engine

    Fiasco is an open source, pre-alpha chess engine written in C# and .NET. It features a "classic" alpha/beta brute force search, quiescence search, move ordering, an opening book, and XBoard/Winboard support. It's based on a 10 x 12 board representation.


  • Andrew Kalek - Mongify

    A data translator from sql database to mongoDB.  http://github.com/anlek/mongify


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